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The Vosges du Nord nature park

The great outdoors in all its splendour

parc naturel des vosges Niederbronn-Les-Bains

During your stay with us, explore an exceptional natural environment. Indeed, the Vosges du Nord nature park boasts an impressive range of environments, between the Piémont foothills, the forests and Lorraine plateau. With a multitude of streams and rivers running through it, the park is also home to a number of humid zones where a very particular type of fauna and flora are to be found.

With its rocks, wild grasses on sandy or limestone grounds, peatlands, heaths, oak groves, alder groves, streams and marshes, the park is a paradise for trekkers. Amateur historians and heritage enthusiasts will also be delighted by the what the park has to offer. They can take the route of the Châteaux (Lichtenberg, Fleckenstein…), the ancient chapels and churches pathway (Niederbronn, Uttenhoffen, Neuwiller-lès-Saverne…), set off on the tracks of the 1870 war (Reichshoffen, Woerth…) or discover the Maginot line (Neunhoffen, Schoenenbourg…).


A charming thermal resort nestling amongst leafy surroundings, Niederbronn-les-Bains has retained its traditions, culture and typical architecture throughout the centuries. With its modern tourist attractions (baths, casino, etc.), its heritage and its perfectly-preserved natural environment, it is the ideal place to stay for a relaxing holiday.


An enchanting city, Strasbourg is a stop not to be missed on any visit to Alsace. Less than an hour from the hotel, this stunning city invites you to discover romantic walks along its canals and through its picturesque neighbourhoods.

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Haute saison : 85 € / pers. - 158 € / 2 pers.

A partir de 3 nuits

Forfait non disponible dans la suite

Basse saison : 85 € / pers. - 158 € / 2 pers.
Haute saison : 90 € / pers. - 168 € / 2 pers.

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Soirée Etape80€

Réservée au VRP

Sur demande, nous mettons à disposition un plateau repas froid en chambre, en cas d'arrivée tardive

80€/ personne tout au long de l'année

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